Salma Fikri
Chiropractor in Brussels
Salma Fikri
Chiropractor in Brussels

How ?

A chiropractic treatment takes place in three stages :

Detection :

The chiropractor begins by checking your general health, medical history and symptoms. He/she also investigates your living and working conditions 

Then he/she does a physical examination to determine the causes of the problem. This examination focuses on the posture, muscles, joints and nervous system (spine, locomotor and sensory system, reflexes, balance, etc.).

The chiropractor also carefully examines the flexibility of all joints that may be related to patient’s pain. 

He/she examines the complementary examinations (Xrays, scan, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) if the patient has these already.

On this basis the chiropractor analyzes the results with the patient and establishes with him a treatment plan that best suited to his case.

Adjustment :

The chiropractor intervenes manually and performs manipulations of the spine and joints (called chiropractic adjustments), which aim to restore their mobility.

Chiropractic adjustments remain the safest and most effective treatment for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

The chiropractor may, in some cases, use other techniques, such as muscle stretching, trigger points, kinesio-taping and/or rehabilitation exercises.

Prevention :

The chiropractor can also give you advice in terms of postures, nutrition or lifestyle to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

He/she can also offer you therapeutic exercises. They produce analgesic effects and prevent recurrence of the pain.

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