Salma Fikri
Chiropractor in Brussels
Salma Fikri
Chiropractor in Brussels

Chiropractic briefly

Chiropractic Definition:

Chiropractic is a reference manual health discipline for back and joints care, it aims to detect, correct and prevent neuromusculosquelletic dysfunctions, which usually give pain or functional disturbances, but not only that…

Indeed Chiropractic, which was founded in the United States in 1895 by David Daniel Palmer, has highlighted the importance of the spine whose role is beyond a simple support of the body.

The spine protects the spinal cord that is part of the central nervous system, and from which emerge all the peripheral nerves intended not only for the muscles and joints, but also for the differents organs of the body.

So a subluxation (a joint or vertebral blockage) created by the various stresses that our body undergoes daily, physical, chemical, or emotional, will disrupt the neurological flow in this area, which creates pain on the spine, but also a malfunction of the whole body part controlled by the nerves emerging from this area.

This is where chiropractic comes, through adjustment, which is the application of a precise, targeted, painless impulse, adapted to each patient, to relieve the various back pain and different joints of the body, but especially to remove all interferences in the nervous system for better circulation of the neurological flow in the whole body.

What you need to know about chiropractic

The treatment proposed by a chiropractor is certain :

Potential side effects and / or complications as in other branches of health care - are carefully reviewed and monitored. According to statistics, a visit to the chiropractor is among the safest treatments of all.

Chiropractors have a university education :

University studies in chiropractic last at least 5 years (full-time), they are standardized around the world and controlled by an accreditation institute.  The training has great similarities with medical studies. Students also benefit from specific postgraduate clinical training as a chiropractor. After the master's degree, the chiropractor still follows a one-year post-graduate course. In many European countries, chiropractic is an integral part of the health care system.


The cracking heard during the treatment is due to the vacuum created in the joint that emits a gas :

When a chiropractor performs a manipulation on the patient, it creates an air gap in the joint , which can produce a small popping sound. In popular language, this sound has been associated with bones that "crack" and people then think that bones collide, but it is only a simple emission of gas (nitrogen).

Reimbursement :

In Belgium, chiropractic is partially reimbursed by the mutuelles and private insurances. A medical prescription is not required.

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