Salma Fikri
Chiropractor in Brussels
Salma Fikri
Chiropractor in Brussels

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Salma Fikri, your chiropractor in Brussels

Welcome to the website of Salma Fikri,
Chiropractor in Brussels

Chiropractic is a reference manual health profession for the treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal disorders and their effects on health in general. 

Your chiropractor in Brussels

Chiropractic is a manual health profession based on a global care of the patient. It focuses on ​the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pathologies related to the articular and muscular system of the human body.

Chiropractic is also intended to improve the functioning of the body in general, optimizing the various relationships between the spine, the nervous system, and certain health disorders.

  • Chiropractor graduated from IFEC (French-European Institute of Chiropractic) and ECU (European Chiropractor's Union).
  • Member of the Belgian Chiropractors Union.
  • Graduated in Kinesiotaping.
  • Trained in pediatric chiropractic.
  • Approved by mutuals and insurances.


The management of Chiropractic is for everyone from the newborn to the elderly, including athletes, pregnant women and children of all ages.

People visit the Chiropractor for various reasons: stress, backache, migraines, preparation of sports competitions, joint pain, lumbago, chronic headaches, sciatica, torticollis, preparation of delivery, or simple prevention.

Chiropractic is a profession of first intention: the consultation of a chiropractor does not require a medical prescription.



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Mazi Medical Center

20 rue Belliard
(Mazi Medical Center)
1000 Brussels

Thank you for bringing your possible results of medical examinations (radiology, blood tests) during your first consultation of chiropractic. Do not wait for the aggravation of symptoms to make an appointment with your chiropractor. Consult as soon as possible to avoid the intensification of pain and joint blockages: migraines, chronic headache, childbirth preparation, stress, preparation for sports competition, lumbago, back pain, pregnancy support, torticollis, back pain, joint pain.

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